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tv anya

The updates - what has been

In reference to this post: http://anya-valerin.livejournal.com/129930.html

story has been moved from Season 14 to late in Season 13, To make room for a mega-story taking place in Season 13, Month 12 and Season 14, months 1-3.

Story: Unexpected discoveries is completed. I'll post the link to the story which will be hosted off site because of its size.

This post: http://anya-valerin.livejournal.com/129685.html

The IRS saga. Just before Christmas I got a letter from the IRS saying the case was closed. As they could not come up with evidence that I actually owed this $8,500 in taxes, they closed the case. Just goes to show you that you can actually face the IRS and win sometimes.

This post: http://anya-valerin.livejournal.com/130404.html

Well, I had a job for 22 weeks. Great pay, great bennies. However, I can thank our 'wonderful' president for fucking that up. Because of his meddling to keep people in homes they cannot afford, the foreclosure market is currently wonky. I ended up losing my job in the middle of March and I'm back on unemployment again. Not because of my work ethic or skill; but because of lack of work, because banks can't foreclose on the homes they NEED to foreclose on.

Unfortunately, I can't really hunt for new work in earnest because I'm having surgery on April 18. But once that is over, I'll look. Or even better yet, I'll return to the job I had, as I was promised that the layoff was only temporary.

I did make it to Charlotte and I have been living in nearby Monroe since last August. I moved out of my friends house in January. Now between Social Security, which has been cut to $832 a month thanks to Medicare, and an additional amount of $832 from unemployment I have to work to keep this apartment. As well as my car. Still trying to write the next great novel.

Trying for a romance novel, the inspirational type. I'll see how that goes. It would be great if I can make a few dollars this way.

Well those are the updates for now.


I'm glad to see an update. :) I always enjoy your writing and have been missing it.

Surgery? Is everything okay? Well, I mean, as okay as it can be considering you're having surgery?
Its nice to hear that someone does read the stories I put up here.

The writing has continued over the summer. I had mentioned the "unexpected discoveries" so I included it.

I had updated/changed some others that were previously posted. So there will be more that I am posting soon too.

And as for surgery - this is surgery that I've been waiting 10 years for. The wait was partly because the doctors said it wasn't time (too young) and I really didn't want a 6 to 8 week post surgical healing time. But for much of that time, I've had constant pain that one would rate a 3-4. In the last two years it has gotten to the point that the surgery is medically necessary. This is partly related to my hospital stay in early 2009 for blood clots.

Found a doctor who is willing to do a laproscopic removal of my uterus and cervix; thus cutting down recovery time to 1-2 weeks.

Edited at 2011-04-09 12:23 am (UTC)
I'm sorry to reply very often. I know I'm really bad at that. But I have enjoyed your stories a lot. :) I look forward to the link.

Ahh, that explains the surgery. That's great that the recovery time is going to be so much shorter!
Are you still active on tarvalon.net? I rejoined a few months ago. :) Sarramy DiLuna
I'm still there - just very quiet. Occassionally I lurk, post in Blue but that's about it.
I'm really enjoying it again. But it's so hard to really make friends. It seems everyone already has their groups and inside jokes and I don't understand half what they're all laughing about. LOL
I understand about the friends part. Trust me.
Will you be my friend? *puppy dog eyes*

LOL. I already am your friend. I promise to be more active here at least.