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Its been a while - I'm back with a big political rant

I'll have to admit with moving and everything I almost forgot about the LJ.

Considering I have some things I'd like to say on a political level I'll move it here.

(As always comments disabled on political rants)

I'm the first to admit that I voted for Obama. And I'm sorry to say he's pulled the wool over everyone's eyes as to how effective a president he's been.

I'm apalled he's actually thinking about running again in 2012. And his slogan is - get this - "Winning the Future" How does one exactly go about winning something that they gave away 100 fold. Oh Mr. President, please enlighten us as to how you are going to do that.

A friend of mine said Obama has made great strides while in office. Really? When I asked her for some examples of these 'great strides' she told me to GOOGLE it. So I did.

So now I present to you Obama's Great strides:

A graph showing just how big the deficit has gotten/will get under Obama. Yup - I call that a great stride - unfortunately its in the wrong direction.

There's Obama's dealings with the Native Americans - Hmm. Lets see. His 'idea' to fix problems is to give them more in way of federal subsidies. And he called that progress. Hmm, Sorry - last I checked subjugating a people even more isn't exactly what I would call a great stride. How about giving them the resources to better themselves? Deeds to the land they live on? Those are great strides - get them self-sufficient; not reliant on the government. Then they can contribute to our economy.

There's Don't Ask/Don't Tell. Well we can't blame Obama totally for this one, as the implementation of this silly policy went back to Bill Clinton. Not one of President Clinton's brighter moments. One of the original consequences of the enaction of this policy was the brushing of numerous cases in the JAG system for homosexual rape under the rug. (I'm not saying all homosexuals are bad - but just like every slice of our society there are bad and good people within it) The repeal of this measure - which was against the popular opinion of those serving in the military - was not exactly the best of moves.

Here we go again - (anyone remember Vietnam?)- the politicians deciding what's best for the military. They've been proven that they were wrong before. When will the learn. Which leads me to Obama's greatest stride.

Yup, you guessed it - Libya. Could he have fucked this up any worse? He wanted to go in, fine. But you go in when it matters when the rebels could have taken over. But no, he waits until Qadaffi's troops have quelled much and then he goes in.

Ok there was one more 'great stride' that I've found in my GOOGLE search. Obama's wonderful strides towards Socialism/Communism. Let's not go here. I love the way this 'constitutional scholar' walked all over the constitution.

We all know his best act of bending the constitution to his will. Right? His health care reform act.

While I'm the first to admit that we do need a nationalised system; he went about it the wrong way. Pushing through something that has been proven time and time again doesn't work. Don't believe me? I'm sure many of us have English friends. Ask them how well their national health care system is working.

Oh wait I forgot - there's one more great stride. His programs trying to keep people about to be foreclosed in their homes. There's a saying (and I know I'm probably spelling it wrong) caveat emptor (let the buyer beware). Here we have a president trying to keep people in more home than they can afford. And at the same time putting up roadblocks to keep the banks from foreclosing on these properties. This program has only prolonged the recession/depression that we are in at the moment.

This could have gone away quietly like the one in 1920? But alas, no, we didn't learn from our mistakes in 1929 and here we are repeating them again.

So there you have it Obama's "great strides" in our Constitutional Republic. (We are not a Democracy people - never have, never will be - we have always been a Constitutional Republic.) It has nothing to do with Democrats v. Republicans. This is what we have been since our founding, long before there was a Republican party.

So lets recap Obama's great strides are:

1. An economy with a debt so large our great-grandchildren can't find their way out of it.
2. An unworkable, unviable healthcare system.
3. He proved once again that the politicians know better than the military what's good for the military.
4. He's repeated all the mistakes FDR made in 1929 to try to 'improve' our economy.
5. A military incursion we are in for the wrong reasons.
6. Further repression of an already repressed people.

Great strides indeed.

Please continue to sit there with the wool over your eyes toting the 'great strides' of our president. Remember its only the futures of your future generations you are playing with.