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admiral Val

A bit late for Father's day, but an old prompt caught my eye.

The prompt was actually a very old one - from the beginning of 1994 -  Tell of an event in the early life or academy days of your character.  (An exercise to learn the personality of the characters for use in later stories.)    The prompt asked for 3 to 4 pages.  However, I've decided to break it up into several events that helped shaped the life of the character Val'ri Raiajh.

Part 1:  Taking Leave
Summer of 2280
Summary:  Val'ri prepares to return home to visit her Mother at the Deltan Embassy on Earth for the first time in over 4 years
Characters:   Val'ri Raiajh/ Professor Tolek
Rating:  PG   (reference to violence) 
Words: 662

Summer 2280
Shir Khar, Vulcan

A nineteen-year-old Val’ri Raiajh waited for the transport to Earth, her bruises from an altercation earlier that day at the Vulcan Science Academy healed. 

                Although he did not and could not stop the fight, he made sure she was tended to quickly when it was over.  What surprised her was that her now-former Quantum Physics professor stayed with her at the infirmary while her bruises were attended to, and that he was with her here now waiting for her shuttle.  They had discussed what she had done, and he told her that sometimes it is better to stand up for what you believe than hiding behind traditions. 

Four years earlier he remembered the girl who entered the Academy for the first time, and today he was saying goodbye to the woman she grew into.   There were many things that Professor Tolek wanted to say to Val’ri.  He wanted to tell her who he really was and why he took such an interest in her and her education over the past four years.   However, he held his words. 

She looked at him and said, “You don’t have to wait with me, Professor.  I’m sure you have matters that you need to attend to.”

“It is no intrusion, Val’ri.  I would prefer to see you safely onto your shuttle. After what happened, keeping you safe is the least I can do.”

“I am in no danger of being hurt, Professor.  What happened was unfortunate, however Soral knew how I felt and decided to perform the koon-ut-solik anyway.  He may not have been expecting my response but if and when I decide to choose a mate, it will be someone who wishes to be with me that I also wish to be with.  Soral was not that person.”

“I commend you on the way you handled yourself.  Your actions will not soon be forgotten.”
“Your words are most kind, Professor,” Val’ri replied.   Sitting there she let out a small sigh. 

“I see you are still learning to control your emotions.”

“It is a struggle; one I may never master.  Even as you said, Deltans tend to be more emotional than humans.  A part of me does not wish to leave Vulcan and return to Earth.”

“You do not wish to see your mother?” Tolek asked.  “You have not been home in four years.  During that time you immersed yourself in your studies non-stop.  You should take some time to get re-acquainted with her.”

“I want to see her, however, she will be pushing me to pursue certain activities that I am not ready for and do not wish to participate in.  It is for that reason I am trepidatious about returning home.”

“Just do what you did here. Stand up for what you believe.  Don’t give in to the wishes and desires of others.  Always remain true to yourself.”

“I shall remember that, Professor,” Val’ri told him.

At that moment the boarding for her shuttle had commenced.   She turned to the professor and said, “I will take my leave of you now, sir.”

Holding up his hand, he gave the traditional Vulcan salute, “Peace and long life, Val’ri.  Do not be a stranger.  My door is open to all students, current and alumni.”

She returned the gesture and said, “Live long and prosper, Professor.  I will try to visit you during my studies at Starfleet.”

She picked up the duffel she was carrying and boarded the shuttle.  He watched her until she disappeared from view.

                As he walked home he thought about the last four years.  Entering his residence, as the tears that he held back finally escaped his eyes, he spoke his gratitude to the Vulcan gods, “It was an honor to have these four years to be allowed to help my daughter to become the woman she is meant to be.  It is my hope that one day I will be able to tell her the truth about my relationship to her.”