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Fifth Fleet - a Pariah Tales story

As the Season 13 stories (2387)  have been written its time to look to Season 14 (2388).

As the year opens, the Kairn are up to their old games and Commander Spaak has something up his sleeve. 

Spaak takes some of the kids on the base on a little cruise in the Pariah where they visit a planet under the guise of making an observation of the native pre-warp population from orbit.  However he has other plans for visiting this planet, as he knows that there is a colony on the planet that should not be there - a colony that has lived separated from the native population of the planet for more than 100 years. 

The Kairn come out guns blazing against the Besiege, who is left 'dead in the water' and in need of assistance (and a tow)

The Besiege is assisted first by the SS Pariah who help with the injuries and begin towing the vessel back toward 719 where they are met by the Corsair who takes the crippled Besiege the rest of the way. 

Meanwhile the Pariah takes the most severely injured of the crewmen, the niece of the Pariah Commander, to the Briah Patch in an attempt to cure the plasma burns she suffered over 75 percent of her body. 

While en-route the Admiral, and her 'sister', Hans' wife Lady Val, along with their Vulcan father, Tolek, encounter Hans' little surprise from the planet.

Meanwhile, the Pariah's Vulcan first officer, long thought to have been spared blood-fever of his people, begins exhibiting signs of Pon Farr, and in turn finds that he has bonded with someone he considers a friend, and feels bad that he may be coming between her and the person she's been with, although all the signs are there that the prior relationship had been fading.

Once the story is done, I'll post a link for a read.  It's long and there's a lot going on.  The thing's beginning to read more like a short novella than a short story. 

So be on the look out for:

Star Trek:  Pariah Tales
Unexpected Discoveries
Rating PG/PG-13 
Word count:  > 25,000 words

A collaborative effort between myself and writing partner:  patriot_1971