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tv anya

Story completed.

Deadly Ambitions is the name of the fifth story I've handed in for "Season 13" at the Fifth Fleet.   This should be the last of the stories I'm handing in for the season for the newsletter.  The sixth story is going to be a direct-to-web deal as its going to be very long (perhaps several chapters) and contain pictures.  

The sixth story entitled "Favorite Son" will take place almost exclusively in St. Petersburg Russia and will showcase an actual Russian wedding; including a church ceremony and the entire multi-day party atmosphere surrounded with it.   It will certainly be the most ambitious project taken up in terms of story telling.  The learning curve is definately interesting as I have not attended either a Russian Orthodox wedding or reception.

However, its been fun so far.  The party-like atmosphere, not to mention the fact that the male lead of the story is considered a 'hero' to the common folk of the Federation and the Federation News Service had played him up to be a 'hero' who single-handedly helped defeat the Dominion and saved the Federation Starfleet from their own short-sightedness.