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tv anya


I'm going to be heading up to Charlotte for a few weeks to go job hunting.   I keep being drawn there and I am liking the city.  I'll need a GPS to get around, but that will come in time.

However, after last night I do know one thing - I'll be doing it without Jim.  I'm going to do what I can for him to be comfortable enough down here.  (a beater car that he can use to get around; work to get him on food stamps and welfare and some other assistance programs) and cut my ties.

He said something disturbing to me last night that I didn't like.  

Saying to me that you'll hunt ME down and find me if I leave is one thing.... However I don't take kindly to being told that you'll hunt MY FRIENDS down and hurt them if I leave.    No he wasn't joking...   I'm just keeping quiet until I leave tomorrow so he doesn't leave me without the car.

I looked at him shocked, thought to myself WTF? and in that instance knew it was time to move on and cut ties.  

I'll need to play it low-key with him for a while as I need to be in Jax from the 11th of May to the 14th of May.   On the 15th of May I'll be heading back to Charlotte.   


As much as I would like to do as you suggest - 'travel light and move fast' Some things I can't do. I'm traveling light - but if I move too fast I'll get picked off in South Carolina again and I don't need another speeding ticket from those f*ers...
{hugs} Please be careful. I don't know how it is in your state, but here you can get a civil restraining order if you even feel threatened. Would that be possible when it's time to go? And maybe suggest it to your friends as well.

Is there any chance he can read your LJ? I don't suggest erasing this entry, since it at least documents (even if unofficially) what he said... but, just be careful.

Edited at 2010-04-24 08:52 pm (UTC)
he self-proclaims himself as being computer illiterate. Besides my friends are in other states. but I will, get a restraining order if need be.
take care of yourself hon! hope that you can get out as soon as possible.
I'm heading out in about 9 hours.
Good luck hon! that is a scary scary situation to be in. :(

*hug* I have family in Charlotte, so let me know if you need anything. I know they'd be happy to help out.
If they know of any jobs for a typist, let me know.
I'm at my mom's this week, which is about an hour north of Charlotte. If you feel the need for a friend we could meet one night. *hugs*
Holy cow, Anya. Please be as careful as you can. *hugs* That is seriously disturbing, and I applaud you for making the decision that you did.
Good luck with all of this! I've been following along silently with all of this, and I hope you manage to get out safely.