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rl cathryn

Another story completed

I love it when story ideas flow so well that the story gets completed in days instead of weeks.

Although I'm not posting the story yet, here is the synopsis:

Story: Old Faces, New Places
Year: January 2387
Stardate: 64042 - 64051
Main Character(s): Cathryn Pearson
Rating: PG/PG 13
Word Count: <4000
Brief Summary: Cathryn's long time partner, Dr. Jacob 'Jack' Simmons, decides its time to finally move on and takes an appointment at Starfleet Medical Academy. Meanwhile, someone from Cathryn's past arrives on the Starbase to take up a new position as Strategic Operations Officer.

I will be re-working Life on the Edge and Allow me to present to show the current situation. The New Stratgegic Ops Officer is coming in as a new romantic partner for Cathryn.

In other Fifth Fleet news - A new story site has been approved for the Fifth Fleet! These stories will be a grouping of direct-to-web stories. We will probably be starting here at Live Journal and archiving the stories on a website as the site is built. This site will host smaller drabble-type stories as well as those not suitable for a 'family newsletter" type stories.