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tv anya

I wish

my boss would just terminate me already.

The bullshit they are pulling right now is just rediculous.   I was charged with an error yesterday for a report that I sent out the correct report.  The customer is saying a document is missing, but I'm showing that no document is missing.   Also the bundle that was attached to the report was missing. 

I didn't delete it.  I don't know who did, the report doesn't say.   It's gotten to the point that I'm just fustrated with the whole thing.  I hate working for a company that makes me feel like crap.  Usually when they make mistakes like this, they apologize, but this time they are refusing to even do that, saying that this was my error and I shouldn't have done this.

The problem is I didn't do anything, but because the system cannot track every move in a file, there is no way of proving my point.  :(  


Time to start covering your ass with hard copies? It sounds like they want a whipping boy and not someone who can actually do their job...
I did that. They aren't listening, which sucks. Their reasoning. "the computer is always right."

I'm like um? The fact that I didn't change the file doesn't raise any red flags.

and my boss wonders why I dissapeared all day yesterday.