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tv anya

A bad ending to 2009 and a great start to 2010

The bad ending:   I found out this evening that my husbands uncle (MIL's brother) past away yesterday sometime between 4:30 pm and 10:30 pm in his apartment.    Unfortunately as he lives in Wisconsin we cannot attend the funeral.  

The great start:

4 more of my stories have finally made it into the queue for publishing.    They will appear in April (Requium)  May (Leviathan Rising)   June (Innocence Lost)  and  July (In the Line of Duty) 

Life on the Edge and Allow me to Present will follow in June and July of 2011. 

I am surprised, to say the least that the stories are slotted to appear consecutively like this.  


I'm sorry for the bad news, but congratulations dear on the publishing!