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tv anya

I know I've said it before

but I need to say it again. I <3 my story editor. This evening he was working on some editing and sent me something back which had me howling on the floor (it was meant as a joke - he had recently viewed Something Something Someting ... DarkSide)

Upon arriving at sickbay, she entered quietly though a door that was already opened as another had just left. As he was turned away, Xaran did not notice her enter. Because they were both shielding themselves from the telepathic intrusion of others and he was not expecting her to be there, she was able to slip in unaware. She sat down on the diagnostic bed before alerting him of her presence.

“I was wondering if you had something to help cure a broken heart, Doctor,” she said; sadness evident in her voice.

Xaran turned to look at her with a smile before rushing over and giving her a hug, which she returned. Looking into her eyes he said, “I’m sorry, Imzadi. I know I’ve said things to hurt you. If I could I would take it all back. Can you forgive me?”

Raiajh looked at her husband in silence for a moment, then lifted her hand slightly. Almost immediately, Xaran started feeling a pressure in his throat, one that quickly overwhelmed him. His eyes pleaded with his wife as they started to bulge slightly from their sockets and his throat constricted to the point of cutting off all breath. A sickening sound, like a fluid-filled rattle could be heard, and Xaran suddenly slumped lifelessly to the deck.

“Apology accepted, Doctor Xaran,” Raiajh said calmly in a deep voice before turning, her long black cape whirling behind her, as she strode out the door.

So I write back in the same joking manner:

Although I'm here howling in laughter I need to say one thing....
Shame on you.   You forgot to mention the black leather corset whcih accentuated her perfect 32-22-32 figure, a black skirt that stopped mid thigh and matching black boots with 3 inch heels she had on under the cape.