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I sent an e-mail today...

to my Congressman in the US House of Representatives.

It just irks me to no end that this man is so NOT in touch with his constituants. The majority in Florida's 4th district (NE Florida) are not rich people. Many are either unemployed or are employed and have no health insurance.

Why people think we don't need a public health care system is beyond me. They are scared by rumors of "death panels" and such. That is not the case. A public system isn't an answer in and of itself. I'm not saying we *don't* need private insurance. There's room for both.

It works in most civilized countries. Apparently the average American is NOT important in this country. I guess Ander Crenshaw feels it's better to bankrupt us or leave us without insurance.

Just my 2 cents.

Political rant - comments disabled.

got a reply - apparently my congressman is a bigger idiot than I thought. The biggest reason he says that he's voting against the bill is that the public plan doesn't pay doctors enough for their services. Uh. Hello.. did you ever stop to think that, perhaps, the private insurers are perhaps paying the doctors too much???