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tv anya


hours at work have picked up again.

Last week I actually got 40.57 hours.

this week I got 47.13 (Yes I do get time and a half for those extra 7.13 hours)

I'll probably have at least 42 next week as I need to work about 2 hours tomorrow. (actually 90 minutes, but I'll try for two.) I'd do it tonight but I'm too tired.

Suddenly there's plenty of work. Which is fine. This way we get the "extras" scratched off the list.

The Extras are:

1. Hubby needs to go to the doctor. (Has appointment for 10/26 w/my Doctor)
2. Need new cell phones. (perhaps as early as next weekend)
3. Need new tires for the car as we are nearing the 40K mark with our 40K tires.
4. I will be needing a new computer in the near future so this too is on the list.