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Yes, I'm a geek...

In 16 days hubby and I are celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary.

Wouldn't change it for anything, even the wedding. July 24, 2000 we went to Vegas, met up with a friend of mine, got married, ate lunch at the Star Trek Experience and had the marriage blessed by a Klingon.

No we didn't dress in costume. We're hoping to go again in either 2011 or 2012 and bring along other Trek friends. I will definately dress in costume if I can find a Nemesis era Admiral's costume. :D I know I can get my friends to do the same.

As for said friend above, he'll wear a costume if he can find one (he has same problem - he's now an Admiral too - and he now even outranks me by 1 rank).


Happy Anniversary!!! :D

(I would check with the Hilton, though, before making future plans. It is my understanding that they ended the Star Trek experience as their theme sometime in the last year or so. It was phenominal though, and I rather hope they changed their minds and kept it)
I'm aware of this. By late 2010 it should be open again at Neonopolis on Fremont Street.

Really?? :D :D :D

Awesome! I'm so glad it's not being lost. It was my favorite Las Vegas attraction.