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From estaliayellow

Let others know a little more about yourself, re-post this as your name
Followed by -ology


1.What is your salad dressing of choice? Blue cheese..

2.What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? Ker's winghouse

3.What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of? Pasta

4.What are your pizza toppings of choice? chees, pepperoni

5.What do you like to put on your toast? eggs


6.How many televisions are in your house? 2

7. What color cell phone do you have? Its pink ATM, but I need a new one


8.Are you right-handed or left handed? Right

9.Have you ever had anything removed from your body? Yes, tonsils

10.What is the last heavy item you lifted? don't remember

11.Have you ever been knocked unconscious? No


12.If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die? No

13.If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Never thought about it.

14..Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000? Not for a thousand dollars.


15.How many pairs of flip flops do you own? Two - but they are really good Maui-style Birkenstocks.

16.Last time you had a run-in with the cops. Run in? never

17.Last person you talked to? Verbally - my husband. On line - my friend Caroline

18.Last person you hugged? hubby


19.Season? Winter

20.Holiday? Christmas

21.Day of the week? Saturday

22.Month? April


23.Missing someone? yes

24.Mood? Sad

25.What are you listening to? Secret Touch by Rush

26.Watching? I'm watching to see if my story writes itself.

27.Worrying about? I try not to.


28.First place you went this morning? Bathroom

29.What's the last movie you saw? Star Trek XI

30.Do you smile often? Often enough

31.Sleeping Alone Tonight? Of course not.


32.Do you always answer your phone? No. I have caller ID and when I'm home I usually don't hear it ring.

33.Its four in the morning and you get a text message, who is it? No one - cause it won't be around to seeit.

34.If you could change your eye color what would it be? Blue

35.What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic? Don't go to sonic.

36.Do you own a digital camera? Yes

37.Have you ever had a pet fish? Yes

38.Favorite Christmas song(s) Carol of the Bells

39.What's on your wish list for your birthday? Anni 2010 in theWisconsin Dells - we can combine the trip with a visit to the MIL's.

40.Can you do push ups? Yes.

41..Does the future make you nervous or excited? Excited

42.Do you have any saved texts? No

43.Ever been in a car wreck? Yes - several times

44.Do you have an accent? Yes

45.What is the last song to make you cry? Then - by Brad Paisley

46.Plans tonight?? Trying to write part of this story I'm working on. Its now at 8170 words.

47.Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom? yes

48.Name 3 things you bought yesterday? Bourbon, Beer and Bacardi Silver Peach

49.Have you ever been given roses? Yes

50.Current worry? Getting enough hours every pay period

51.Current hate right now? More of a dislike - lack of work at work

52.Met someone who changed your life? yes

53.How will you bring in the New Year? Too soon to tell

54.What song represents you? Far Cry by Rush

55.Name three people who might complete this? Who knows. There are days I wonder if anyone actually reads my LJ

56.Would you go back in time if you were given the chance? There's one particular point in time I'd like to re-explore. Perhaps not change it, but to see if I missed something.

57.Have you ever dated someone longer than a year? I think once, yes.

58.Do you have any tattoos/piercings? Just earrings.

59.Will you be in a relationship 4 months from now? yes

60.Does anyone love you? Yes

61.Ever had someone sing to you? no

62.When did you last cry? not too long ago.

63.Do you like to cuddle? Absolutely

64.Have you held hands with anyone today? Yes

65.What kind of music did you listen to in elementary school? Mostly big band b/c that's what my parents listened to.

66.Are most of the friends in your life new or old? old

67.Do you like pulpy orange juice? Yes