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Leave me a comment and I will give you a letter. Then, write 10 things that you love starting with that letter. Post the list in your journal. Give out letters to your commenters in return.

kradical gave me an A.

1 - Anya - my LJ user name. Its also the name I use at a website known as TarValon.net. Much thanks to Robert Jordan (James Rigney Jr.) for his wheel of time books.

2 - Author - something I dabble at. something I am working at getting better at. Something the person who gave me this letter is. Apparently, being one doesn't mean the rent gets paid.

3 - Admiral - The rank I've obtained with my character through years of being associated with Star Trek Fan Clubs. Rear Admiral Val'ri Raiajh is the one character I write most about.

4 - Asalyn - the LJ name of my sister. You know I love you. Just wish you were moving closer, not further away.

5- air/atmosphere - without this, nothing else would be possible.

6 - abba (no not the band) My dad is someone I miss. It's now 13 years since he passed. He's the one that kept me and my mom from each others throats. It took a distance of 900+ miles for me and my mom to get along better after he died.

7 - a$$hole - another good word to get you through the day in New York City.

8 - alcohol - I can always use a stiff drink every now and again.

9 - Aes Sedai - "Servant of All" something I strive for.

10 - ajah - more specifically blue ajah - the group which I am associated with at TarValon.net.


*bites* and I love you too. I like the direction my life is taking me, and I do wish it wasn't quite so far from you.

*bites back*

For you, I give you the letter "C"