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tv anya

E-baying again

As you know from time to time I buy and sell stuff on e-bay. This time around I'm selling again. Three things I had lying around the house just collecting dust, so I decided to put it up on e-bay to sell. One is a stone candleholder from Partylite that make up the yin-yang symbol. One are my Tony Robbins CD's - I've gotten out of them what I needed, so I've decided to share the knowledge with someone else.

Last but not least, is a Mah Jong set that my mom had sitting up in her closet since her marriage to my dad in 1952. I took it because it would have gone in the garbage since my brother doesn't know the value of a good thing when he stares it the face. I held onto it for the last year thinking maybe I'll learn to play. I've decided not to. Don't have the time really. At the moment its up to $85.00 on e-bay. With almost 5 days left who knows what it will sell for in the end.

Yay. That means I can now make 2 dresses for D*Con, along with the one I purchased from Majestic Velvets. Still don't know if Jim is going or not.

Also went to the baseball game today. Brewers won. (I'm not a big Brewers fan - I get the tix free from my boss every year - and I go.) Glad it wasn't hot or it would not have been as fun as it was. All in all it was/is a good day.


I love eBay!! It's such a kick to see what things go for! I'm constantly amazed how things I thought would sell don't and things I think won't sell go for hundreds! Once I get all this painting and work on the house done, I'll be back on there selling off the rest of my record collection. I started last fall and sold a lot of it then. I'm hoping to make enough to stay in New York City over New Year's Eve and do Times Square!
A day later and the bidding is up to $152.50. Guess it must have something to do with the fact that I can say for sure that this item was around in 1952.