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tv anya


I've been needing new bras for a while now. I hate shopping for bras, but I was in desparate need of new ones. For the longest time the bras I had gave me absolutely no shape because they fit more like a corset (push together and make them look smaller). I knew I needed bigger than a 42D but how much shocked me. I ended up with 46DD bras. And underwires to boot. Never really liked underwires, but found a few that actually were comfortable and easy to wear (big shock).

Anyhow, I've always been self-conscious about this part of my body. I'm not big on having guys staring at my chest. One of the guys at work yesterday noticed, but covered his butt nicely by saying that he liked my burgundy shirt. There was absolutely nothing special about it - it's plain, and of t-shirt material and definately doesn't show off cleavage because it has a high-cut scoop neck. I definately don't want to be noticed because of the size of my boobs. :blush